About me

From a business dreamer to a business owner

The idea of starting a business has been with me from my youth. There has always been business owners in my close relatives and I see that I’ve gotten the alacrity to craftmanship and ”do-it-yourself” attitude as a legacy. This shows in my life e.g. by appreciating lasting and autenthic materials and in the fact that some things must be sensed with hands. Is there anything greater than seeing the marks a carpenter has left on a timber with his axe a couple of centurys ago or a derocarative cotton counterpane your grandmother or great-aunt made several decades ago?

I’ve had several business ideas over the years from a horse stable owner to a cafe owner, so it was a surprize to myself too when I started it in craftmanship. On the other hand I’ve propably been drawing since I could hold a pencil. Also pencils and colouring books are topmost memories from my childhood. Drawing stayed behind for many years until motherhood revived the old visual art hobby that had been in sleep. Most of us are dreaming of a hobby we´ll start with when get retired and for me it was oil painting.

When I finished the junior high school I decided not to have anything to do with watercolours since it was frustrating to paint with them i school. Maybe you can also remember the water-resistant bubbly papers, brushes that lost their hair all the time and the dry watercolour paints? Later, for health reasons I had to bury the dream about oil painting but the interest in visual art stayed. I can still remember the day in a store when I was looking at watercolour paintings that were made by a famous watercolour artist. I realized that there it was: my painting technique. I fell for everything in watercolours: their transparency on the paper, the collaboration of the water and the paints and in the unpredictability of this collaboration but also in the challenge of the technique. Painting with watercolours can be compared/assimilated with gardening, because you can’t fully know the end result but you can always try your best.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who has been supporting me on the rocky road of watercolours and in the beginning of my business. Thank you :)!

                                                    – Carina –

Art studies:

-mostly self-taught

-”The basics in watercolour”, year 2007-2008, comminity college, Pietarsaari

-”The basics in watercolour”, year 2008-2009, community college, Pietarsaari.

-”Watercolour painting”, weekend course, year 2010. Rosenlund’s garden, Pietarsaari

-”Watercolour and visual art”, year 2011-2012, community college, Pietarsaari

-”We are painting landscapes”, 9/2018, community college, Järvilakeus

-”We are drawing and painting potraits”, 3/2019, community college, Järvilakeus

-”We are drawing and painting animals and plants”, 10/2020, community college, Järvilakeus

-Going on: ”Flowers in watercolour”, online course, 2020-, Taidekurssit