From an idea to realization

I make watercolour- and mixed media paintings in all kind of sizes from a postcard to large ones on high-quality watercolour papers. I use mostly Sennerier`s professional watercolours which are known for they strong pigments as well as their lightfastness. Besides Sennelier I also use Daniel Smith’s watercolours. In mixed media artworks I also use different kind of pens but watercolour is always as a basis.

My every artwork is handmade and individual. You can get familiar with my paintings and prizes in ”Shop&Gallery”-section. Please, contact me if you got interested in my watercolours and mixedmedia paintings that are already for sale or want to make a commission that suits your needs! Also, give me the timetable when you wish the painting or paintings to be ready. If you’re interested, please take a look at my background story that led me to become a business owner in “About me”-section.

Are you or your workplace interested in art wotkshops? Please, ask more!

                                                         – Carina –