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Stories with water and colour

Small watercolour and mixed media artwork for sale:

Unfortunately, some of the colours on the images are not exactly the same as in artwork in reality.

Also, some of my artwork are available as print cards and their prizes are 1,50 – 4 €/pcs. 

Other watercolour and mixed media paintings for sale:

Portfolio/sold artworks:


Take notice that postage and packing costs are added if nothing else has been mentioned. At the moment a stamp cost 1,85 € and one XXS-package that can be delivered in a mailbox cost 5,90 € (in Finland, updated: 20.10.2020). Both the artwork(s) and postage has to be paid in advance. We can also arrange a meeting in my home if you’d like to familiarize yourself with my artwork and if you buy something you can pay with your mobile bank, via PayPal or with cash.

I aspire to put in all the prizes when the artwork is being published on my website but if it’s missing for some reason, please contact me! Some artworks are for sale on and you can find them with the keyword: carinansivellyksia!

*if you want to, I can write a text you wish for on a card and send it directly to the receiver

*in ordering a watercolour painting or mixed media artwork commission the price and delivery time is agreed separately with the client

*the prices are formed by these factors: size of the artwork, the challenge/degree of difficulty, time, paper quality and the amount of colours being used

*if you wish, I can frame the artwork for you and the price will be added to the total

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